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"To be a well-favoured man is the gift of fortune; but to write and read comes by nature." -William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

Every family has the kid that writes plays and movies that she forces all of her relatives to be in. Now a produced playwright and screenwriter, she is doing her best to create something as memorable as the Thanksgiving play of 2006. She is confident that, if she does well enough, her sisters and cousins will one day forgive her. 

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Please Help (2022)

  • ​​When a small team at an entertainment news company is tasked with gaining 5,000 subscribers to the company's YouTube channel, they must compete against the clock, doing anything to save their jobs.

    • Writer, Producer, Editor, Assistant Director, Actor​

    • Winner Best Mockumentary Georgia Comedy Film Festival 

Kissing Cousins (Post-Production)

  • When an ivy-league burn-out gets fired, she must turn to her surprisingly successful, goof-ball cousin for a job. In order to keep the company from going other, the two must understand the value in each of their strengths. 

    • Writer, Producer, Actor​

PIT TV (2021)

  • Late Night style news show. 

    • Writer episode 1


Sample scripts available upon request! 



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Nosebleed: a "comedy" about hypotheticals, mail, and crazy loud sex (2023)

  • When two strangers run into each other (and can’t stop running into each other) they get locked in a disaster-prone back-and-forth fraught with injury, mail related felonies, and hypothetical questions. Through this “comedy” they grapple with the most devastating mire of the human condition: getting to know someone.

  • Off-Broadway Workshop through Rogue Theatre Festival: Encores! at Theatre Row (June 2023)


Annies and Kleptos (2019)

  • Motivated by their true but demented friendship, Annie and Stacey question what it means to be "perfect" and pull each other down the paradoxically punishing road towards this unattainable goal.

    • Produced through Rogue Theatre Festival at 13th Street Repertory Theater 

Walking on Eggshells (2017)

  • A group of college students trying to find friendships and footing during a major life shift. Once they find it, are they hiding themselves just to hold on to feels like security? 

    • Staged Reading University of Connecticut 

Dramatist Guild Member

Writing samples available upon request! 


Siri (2021): 3rd Place Flappers University Writing Contest

The Coolest 5th Grader You Know (2022): The PIT "Characters Characters Characters Showcase"

Sketch packet available upon request! 

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