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"I love acting. It is so much more than real life."  -Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorain Gray

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Carly Polistina can literally not remember a time before she started acting. *Pause to try* Nope. Can't do it. Recently, Polistina has co-starred in Please Help, an award winning web series, and A Place for Ashes, an indie film coming out next month. Carly got her BFA in Acting from the University of Connecticut and spent a semester spent in London studying Shakespeare. In 2018, Polistina was nominated for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play for her work as Mary Warren in Connecticut Repertory Theatre's production of The Crucible. Prior to the pandemic, Polistina was a resident actor in Vulcan Theater Company wherein she was part of a production of The Scottish Play that closed right before the shut down. In other words, she would like to formerly apologize for starting the pandemic, but, boy-oh-boy isn't theatre powerful? 

(aka proof I can do this)

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