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The Crucible

Outstanding Featured Actress – Play
*Judith Ivy (Fireflies) – Long Wharf Theatre
Darrie Lawrence (The Age of Innocence) – Hartford Stage
Carly Polistina (The Crucible) – Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Sierra Boggess (The Age of Innocence) – Hartford Stage
Helen Cespedes (The Age of Innocence) – Hartford Stage

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If We Were Birds

"Both Casagrande and Polistina manage strong performances throughout the piece as the sisters, adept at living in the worlds of artistic interpretation and grounded character connection...Polistina organically shifts through Procne’s phases of optimistic maiden, passionate mother, and powerful avenger."


If We Were Birds

"...The spotlight falls primarily on Casagrande and Polistina, who are excellent together."

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I And You 

"Caroline is a housebound, snarky teenager played brilliantly by Carly Polistina. The role demands a wide range of both bottled up anger and unchecked aggression, and the actress succeeds in both categories."

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